Work one-on-one with MGK coach to discover how to choose a career path based on a deep understanding of your strengths, weakness & passion.


Work one-on-one with a MKG coach to discover how to choose a career path based on your deep understanding of your strengths, weakness, passion. Focus is you. Digging deeper and looking for what would truly fuel you. 

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Business Coaching

Our business coach will help you discover your unique talents and succeed as a new business owner and/or take your business to the next level.

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Reputation Management and Branding 

Organizations or Individuals with strong reputations do better financially, attract and keep talent at lower costs, have lower costs of capital, and more easily gain support from stakeholders. Our one-on-one coaching will assist you with personal branding to reputation management - it is all about alignement and being consistent!


Resume Coaching

Thank you for your interest in working together to create a strong, memorable resume. MKG is all about unlocking potential in your career and your life, and the resume process is no different. Our value add ? We will prepare you for an interview with a touch of personal brand.