MakeUp Tips For Girls with Glasses

As a makeup artist. I love going natural. My number one tip would be go natural as much as possible. This, of course is quite a rare occurrence in Singapore. Its does not help that our weather is not exactly kind to our skin. One popular misconception with make up is that it does not go hand in hand with glasses. As a result of that, contact lens seem to be a popular choice.

Why don't you give your skin and your eyes a break? Here are a few tricks on looking and feeling good with glasses on!

Go Natural

When you are an eyeglass wearer, you are super lucky because you can stay pretty neutral with your eye makeup. The reason behind this is that bright colours won’t be seen behind those fashionable eyeglasses.

The right eyeliner

Wing it! And I mean this! And if you can, use gel eyeliner. It will stay on, and easy to use.

Cat-eyes liner

Just the smallest tip upward or a natural cat-eye is a great way to make your eyes stand out.

Save bright and bold colours for your lips

One of the top makeup tips for glass wearer is to save the bright and bold colours for the lips!

Do not forget the blush

This is the best! Please do not skip this! Add a bit of colour to your face and get that warm summer glow with a little pink or peach along the apples of your cheeks. Peach is definitely for Singapore! The orange tone will give us the natural glow!

Shape your brows

Always shape your eyebrows according to your face and frame shape. That way it will stand out.


This is something you can avoid and use the curler instead to create an effect.

If you do choose to use the mascara, do go for volumizing mascara instead of curling mascara. Super-curled lashes will just hit your lenses. Stick with volumizing mascara to get your lashes thicker, not curlier or longer.

Brighten up your under eyes

A little highlighter cream or even some powder can go a long way when you are brightening up your under eyes! And while you are at it, highlight your cheekbones!

Now go forth and wear your specs with pride. Has anyone told you that you look great today?

Oh, and how can I forget? Just like Deepika in glasses… style your hair!

Now…Have fun!Be Happy! Be beautiful! Get in touch with Mel or her team at or WhatsApp her at

This article was first written and published at on 16 - Sep - 2016 by Mel Kaur Gill

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