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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

In today’s world – it’s crucial to learn how to start branding yourself online.

Over one billion names are google every single day. People will search for us on the internet. None of us is living in a cave; someone has looked us up for sure!

What people discover about you online determines big decisions – like whether or not collaborate with you. In today's world, your online profile can either be your most significant asset or your most significant liability.

We are a team of huge advocate when it comes to personal branding and maintating a reputaiton online. That is how we have built the marketing agency and continue to leverage our own brand - a friendly personality that is accommodating. However, that does not compromise my grounds regarding work deliverables.

When done right, you can establish yourself as an authority. Hence, creating an authentic voice to attract business as well as friendship through transparency and expertise.

I spoke with several of my friends and entrepreneurs to come up with this list on how to elevate your brand in the upcoming year: -

1. Run a personal branding & reputation management campaign on Facebook.

A lot of start-ups and entreperuners are already running Facebook ads for their business, but they don’t think of running ads to promote their brand nor reputation. Social Media presents us with the ability to put ourselves in front of the exact audience you want to attract. I personally do not believe in running ads on Facebook, and there are methods to reach your audience for free via sharing. However, running targeted ads allow you to grow your personal brand and push traffic to your website. This is an effective strategy and it is affordable for all entrepreneurs.

2. Never stop learning

I spend my time daily reading and relearning, and absorbing as much information as possible. My industry is continually changing, so if I fail to keep up with the changes, it will have a negative impact on my personal brand. It’s also important to remember that before you can think of offering advice and providing your input, you need to master your industry. Continually learn by reading books, case studies and consuming as much information as possible to keep your mind full as you improve and stay up to date.

We cannot expect to build a strong personal brand without something of value to give to those that follow you. A solid brand can have a tremendous impact on both your individual success and that of your company/family.

3. Choose something you can win.

What is your unique selling point ? what do you want to be known for ?

What ’s your superpower? When you become the expert in your industry, you can continue to grow.

4. Weave your brand.

Is personal branding as easy as putting on exclusive clothing or having a certain hairstyle? I genuinely wish – I am in a constant Bali state of mind and always smiling. I love to be comfortable in my skin yet I have a business to run too! We need to be mindful.

Personal branding goes beyond wearing black heels or a tux or dying your hair blue, green, purple and pink! We need to be thinking about the brand content we are crafting, photos, memes, cool diagrams and workflows. The tone and style of our content are understated but vital.

Most importantly, invest in yourself! Personal branding isn’t free. This means to extend the way you do your branding, and where it makes sense, be open to:

Hiring an editor to proofread your content. Hiring a speaking coach or going for networking sessions to practise public speaking. Read books that will help you learn a new skill.

When to do personal branding? Most people spend way too much time building a personal brand and little time thinking about whether it’s essential in the first place. Here’s one foolproof way to ensure you are heading towards the right direction.

Would people be still writing about Steve Jobs till today if he had never created our favourite Apple devices? Would anyone care?

Spend time growing, learning, building your career/company. This approach will give you tons of exciting things to talk about – everything from marketing to what is happening around to the world and perhaps even entrepreneurship.

For some of us, we should be spending time doing something remarkable before building a personal brand. Do something outstanding and magical before making your personal brand!

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