Relationship Marketing

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

We need to remember that robots are not the ones buying products. Humans are. It is paramount that sellers need to connect with our customers in a humanly manner.

Technology and AI in the digital marketing space are great tools that allow us to generate leads and get customer insights but it tends to make us forget that we are dealing with human instead of just numbers on a screen.

Cultivating a customer interactions based strategy fosters long-term engagement and allows you to generate long-term revenue.

Automation has come a long way, from CRM to Sales funnels but what must be revived is relationship marketing. Use your customer service plans to express a genuine concern for your customers.

So what do we need to bear in mind when including Relationship Marketing in our marketing strategies?

Few key ideads you can include in your plan:

1. Authenticity

Be truthful and transparent. These qualities come from a place of emotional resonance.

Your campaign should make the reader feel a certain way and the audience needs to resonate with your message

Example: The Nike unhinged campaign

2. Offer a valuable guarantee

A simple 30-day- money back guarantee has been used by companies to provide a greater sense of protection to their customers. Relationship marketing goes a step further, reaching out is one of the most genuine ways to show you want a long-term relationship with your customers. Are you able to afford life-time guarantee to the product? If you are in the service industry, after care like vouchers, birthday gifts would go a long way. . My article on Be The Best At Customer Service will provide you some insight on valuable guarantee.

3. Collect Feedback

Feedback will carry the most significant ROI. Ask customers and leads, what they think of the interactions they've had from your brand. A survey will provide free insights into how you can make your clients happier, and it will also increase your sales.

Ask "how can we serve you better?" It demonstrates that you care.

Use survey as a tool to compile and analyse questions and feedback from customers, convert it into a training for your staff to better serve your customers.

4. Shift your budget toward customer nurturing Try shifting your budget away from lead generation and toward relationship building. What if you could form a bond with your existing customers by 10 per cent while increasing profits by 30 per cent to as much as 95 per cent?

In digital marketing, budget reigns supreme. Why not shift some of the budgets to relationship marketing? According to Invespcro (, the success rate of selling to an existing customer averages 60 per cent to 70 per cent, compared to the 5 per cent to 20 per cent success rate realized from selling to a new customer.

Some companies I worked with are already building customer retention teams. They are dedicated to making sure their companies & perhaps their competitors keep their customers happy through strong relationship-building.

A direct relationship exists between treating customers better and increasing ROI. It will work if you are genuine in your actions.

Build an empire by building something valuable contribute, earn the privilege of your customers' money, then thank them with a long-lasting, positive relationship. Reap the benefits of relationship marketing across your company today.

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