The untruth that you need to increase your followers on Social Media.

The truth is, the number of followers you have is nowhere near as important as the type of followers. It's the same as any other type of messaging, marketing or advertising - you want to get it seen by the right people. And, as organic reach on social media declines, the quality of your followers will be much more important than the quantity.

People are under the impression that it is necessary to increase your followers/likes. That’s not entirely true! Here's why:

1. Your target audience should be defined and you should know where to find them because organic growth and paid advertising becomes easier on social media when you know who your audience is.

2. It is important to understand whether your business is a business to business (“B2B”) or a business to consumer (“B2C”) model so that you can tailor your marketing strategy.

3. You should decide on what is the best online tools/applications to management your social media on a daily basis.

4. Have clear marketing goals and set weekly/monthly targets.

If you see an account with a following of 100,000 and above like Shakira's, surely you want the same, don’t you ? But you would want to remove stagnant and fake profiles. These are not contributing to the conversation nor are they truly engaging on your profile by sharing your content within their network. Clean up your following list by reviewing your followers’ profile weekly.

Understanding your business and recognize your misconceptions

I have a number of clients whose initial focus has been to increase their followers' list, hoping this will lead to an increase in sales. This results in them spending money on buying stagnant followers. Fortunately, a larger percentage of social media users are very active now, have better engaged network and some are known to be influencers. Use your social media budget to collaborate with them instead as they will help you make a difference to your brand as compared to buying followers who might be stagnant or fake regardless of your business model.

If you are a B2B company, should you collaborate with influencers or active users ?

Social media is a great platform for B2B companies to make new connections in almost any industry. According to datareportal, we have 3.8 billion social media users, making it a gold mine for connecting with your current and potential customers. Use social media wisely to show off new products, features and updates to your customers.

B2B companies can benefit from focusing on content management, engaging current clients and awareness or new products instead of trying to increase followers. Perhaps you could share information on some of your processes to spike the curiosity of your followers on your new products or some product feature.

B2C companies can benefit from focusing on user engagement such as contests, polls, and user-generated content. Share testimonials and engage your users online. Interview them or have a live chat. Get your users to promote your brand for you and you are automatically tapping into their network of followers at zero budget if you are lucky enough.

Now that you know how to avoid getting stagnant followers and understand the sort of content you should be sharing, decide on the best tool to always ensure you are seen as frequently online.

First, ensure that you are on at least 1 to 3 social media platforms relevant to your business model. Hire a social media manager or a social media virtual assistant to manage your content calendar for a minimum of 6 months or up to a year. If you are on a tight budget, Facebook allows you to pre schedule your contents. Applications such as Social Bakers, Hootsuite and many others are useful tools to help with content management.

Your message online and offline should be consistent. Imagine if you promote a '30 days money back guarantee' online but your retail staff are unaware of such an offer. Not only will you have a very unhappy customer who made the effort to get to you, but imagine the number of people who will see that review!

Here’s a checklist to ensure your marketing goals and social media planning will remain aligned.

1. Have a standard of procedure and ensure your social media management and ground crew are in communication at all times with new updates, policies and promotions.

2. Practice branding consistency & identify online and offline.

3. Maintain a marketing and social media calendar. Communicate and execute it across the board on all platforms.

4. Be sure to including building long term online and offline relationships. Remember to story-tell, entertain, educate and give value to your audience.

5. Have a reputation/crisis management manual available for your staffs to management client’s and followers’ expectations.

Genuine followers will notice all of the above and be willing to re-share your content without hesitation.

Bonus! Tips on growing your audience organically!

· List down 10 to 100 prospects (or more) within your network, clients and your friend’s network.

· Reach out to them and invite them to follow you. Do this biweekly or monthly, acknowledge and thank them when they do.

· Focus on the quality of your audience and content.

· Message and reach out to prospects and engage them.

· Do not be afraid! There are many groups online supporting each other. Join them! This applies to both B2B and B2C on FB groups and Telegram!

If your aim is to see the number grow, set a realistic expectation and look at long term growth, rather than short term growth. Set a monthly goal to increase followers by 10%. Network offline and online. Understand that numbers will fluctuate. This includes you cleaning the list, removing fake profiles, dealing with stalkers and crazy folks online.

Also remember the following as you work towards ensuring your followers are more active than stagnant:-

· Engagement rates

· Clicks to website

· Website traffic patterns or conversions from social media sites

· Campaign conversions

· Social media mentions or check-ins

· Re-sharing of your content or posts

I hope the above is useful and will help you set clearer marketing and social media objectives. Feel free to email us at if you have questions or would like advice on marketing, events, digital marketing and starting your online business. Be safe folks! Till the next article! Thank you! Website: Instagram for work: melkaurgill Facebook: melkaurgill

Listen to The untruth that you need to increase your followers on Social Media.

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