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Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Have you ever asked yourself this Question?

I did a bit of research and found this:

Six common factors that drive people.

I am enjoying what I do, and it took me about eight years to be where I am today.

Most of us wake up every morning because we have to go to work, feed the dogs or get the kids ready for school.

We need to get paid, pay our bills and expenses. We are often working for money.

Thus we are always running away from work, sleeping longer and later (For some, not all).

Are we fulfilling our calling? What motivates you?

It is suggested that you will feel motivated when you chase your dreams and are fulfilling your destiny, not when you pursue money. Money is the means to an end. We all thought that all we want is money, but money is not the end product we want.

If we dig deeper, what we genuinely want our feelings, most of us want to drive a bigger car, they want to look good, and we want a sense of accomplishment.

If we keep chasing money, we are not pursuing our dreams and desire; we are chasing money blindly. We may end up rich, but we may not feel fulfilled deep within.

This is why Stephen Covey said, "You do not want to end up wasting your life chasing for things that you don't want. What you truly want should be deep within you."

Motivation should come from within; it is not the physical things or money that will motivate you. It is the feeling of ownership and accomplishment.

Why do you do what you do in life?

Think about it, why do you read this right now?

When you see a good looking man or woman, and you like to make friends with, what would you do? You might approach the person or do nothing. When the pleasure of getting to know the person is greater than the pain of getting rejected, you will go ahead with saying "Hi."

On the other hand, if they reject you or the fear of rejection is greater than the pleasure to know the person, you might not approach them.

Will you work on your dreams or take action on your goals? It is because working on it might be painful for you? If it is fun and brings pleasure, you would have done it already.

We are always watching movies, surfing facebook and partying, because it brings us great pleasure.

We procrastinate on our dreams as we are not acting on our goals. It could be that the pain for taking action is greater than the pleasure of achieving them, or is it the pain of not achieving our goals is just not intense enough?

Ever wonder why we put things off until the last minute now?

We already know that what we truly want to accomplish in life always have something to do with our inner self. Let's look at things in the big picture what motivates people in life:-

1. Money and rewards

2. Desire to be the best

3. Helping others

4. Power and Fame

5. Recognition

6. Passion

Now I am not going to break the above; what I want to do is hear from everyone else what they think about this.

I am blessed. I do things because I am passionate about it. Otherwise, I would not put my foot in it.

Let's be the change we want to be.

We need daily motivation, a drive to take action to reach our goals and live our dreams.

I have been fascinated by this topic for years. What drives us! We will be interviewing a few game changers, tastemakers and those aspiring individuals in the next few months & will be sharing their stories here.

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